What can Make My Palscity Earnings not count

Palscity rewards people under Referrals (when you refer someone to Palscity), The Monthly Beat the Palscity CEO campaign (When you reach above the CEO's red mark), and through Bonuses / Points (when you comment on a post, blog, react, or make a post). 

We already know that some people may want to use our system by tricking it to earn on Palscity unfairly. We have already set our algorithm to automatically detect any abuse of the system by marking and disqualifying such accounts.

In some cases, we may block your account. Email hello@palscity.com to speak to our support desk.

1. Referrals

The following are some of the Guidelines that Affects Referrals:

  • Referrals must be humans referring to human beings. Any referral that is done by automated software and registrations done by Automated software is automatically detected and the accounts risk suspension from Palscity.
  • Any referrals done by the user registering a user without their consent is automatically considered as abuse and users risk suspension on Palscity.
  • Any user referred who has no valid email address verified by that user means the email address is fake and created to defraud Palscity. 
  • Any user whose account looks suspicious ie no consistent names, consistent no meaningful profile pictures, and users are subjected to further studies.
  • Any notorious IP address doing consistent registrations including proxy IP changes is automatically flagged for admins' further scrutiny. 

2. Bonuses / Points

Palscity rewards points for commenting on any post, creating a new post, reacting on any post, creating a new blog, etc which can then be converted as points. This program is meant to reward good content creators on Palscity. Any nonsensical posts, fraud posts that are meant to multiply the earnings are considered as manipulation.

The following are some of the Guidelines that Affects Points:

  1. Obvious and repeated posts with an aim to multiply your points to earn points are considered not authentic and organic. These include listing numbers each in a post and in a row with an aim of earning or listing words in a row with an aim of multiplying your posts and increasing your earnings.
  2. Any posts or comments that are meant to spam the system or annoying people will also be marked as abuse of the system.
  3. Any repeated activity meant to grow your points.

However, we understand that there is a thin line between a quality post and a spamming action. We imagine that you already however know what we are talking about and it's clear and obvious.


Try to make Palscity a great and memorable experience by sharing quality and amazing content. Over time, your points will automatically be great to reward you.


Any violations are subjected to a Tribunal which sits every Thursday. The tribunal will invite the affected account owner and ask them to defend their referrals based on the evidence. We agree that our systems are not perfect so we will be glad to work with you to resolve this.

In case your reply is not satisfactory or if you fail to appear before this committee, your referrals will be deleted. Your account may face a possible moderation, block, or even termination.

What Should You Do

The first thing you need to do is to correct the mess by cleaning accounts that do not fall within our standards. Then ask the admin to review your account. We will then remove it from the system-black listed users. You need to do this because our system will automatically detect this and mark you as spam so you need to always check if this is the case.


The following are some of the examples of spamming:

Case 1: Reactions - spamming

  • The users have not added their profile pictures meaning they are hiding their faces? Such users are not trusted by Palscity. Always ensure you use your true identity names, profile pictures.
  • The users cannot react to every post in less than a minute to multiple emails with the same reaction type. We then studied what they liked and could see some items they liked do not prefer such a reaction.
  • These are done multiple times over the same time and with the same IP.

Case 2 - Posts

  • The users have not added their profile pictures meaning they are hiding their faces.
  • Posts that are spamming. See some of the examples and the spacing

Case 3 - Referrals

  1. Referrers identity is hidden
  2. All referred have not completed their profiles and especially profile pictures
  3. Emails tested and not working
  4. Names appear not true
  5. IPs and proxies seem flagged by the system.

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