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A blog is an article you write often write about your opinion, thoughts, life and in some cases can be news and updates lifted from other sources and you feel they can be useful to another person - document it, put it down, write about it. Bloggers are people who write on blogs. 

What Are Some of the Sources of Blogs

There are many sources of blogs. These are some of the articles that have discussed blog ideas and these will give you an idea. Read here on creative blog ideas and 81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters
Key to note is the types of articles to post on Palscity:

The articles or blogs can either be:

- Articles that are original meaning you are the author and original writer.

- Articles and News that you are lifting from another source. These you have to ensure you check if they are not already existing or written on Palscity and ensure you edit paragraph 1 and the last paragraph then now post it.

Difference between a Blog and a Post

A blog has to be well paragraphed with the title, description, and body. A post can always be short but a Blog must have at least 4 paragraphs.

Locating the blog menu ? browse articles, my articles

Go to got to the menu at top left and locate Blogs, Browse Articles (to see existing articles) and My Articles (to see articles).

Now click My Articles and Add Create a New Article

1. Title - Should be 10 characters and above

2. Description - Should be 32 characters and above.

3. Body - Must be 180 words and above. Edit paragraph 1 and the last if lifted from another place but if original it should be fine. Ensure its quality.

4. Thumbnail - Should be an image that is not very busy and not wordy. Use a quality image that relates to your article title.

5. Category - Choose from the many categories and if yours is missing, let us know so that we add it by chatting with us.

6. Tags - Will go into the hashtags and should have no spaces. Are the topics the article talks about.

7. Publish -Now publish

NB: After you publish, wait for the article to be approved by the admin before you see the points added on your account.


When you post an article or blog, you earn from it. We pay 50 points per article. 1000 points is worth 1 USD or KSh 100. This means the more points you write the better you earn. 

We have a limitation of 10 blogs per hour. Any blogs above the limit will still post but you cannot earn. This limitation is meant to reduce spamming on the platform.

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